Cries of Crisis on the web

Every author has a backstory that can place his or her work in context. Recently, I had an opportunity to discuss the goals and origins of my new book, Cries of Crisis, with Chris Machado, the academic communications director at Providence College, as part of the PC library’s new Faculty Authors series.

Check out the streaming video of our conversation for an overview of my arguments, including the shortcomings of crisis narratives as a diagnosis for what ails the US health care system and the unintended “side effects” of crisis rhetoric for health care reform. Many thanks to Hailie Posey, Mark Caprio, and Chris Landry for producing this.


2 thoughts on “Cries of Crisis on the web

  1. A great thought provoking blog Dr. Hackey. Indeed the issues we face in policy and care delivery are more akin to dealing with multiple chronic conditions than a single acute crisis. Forgive my continuation of the jargon that pollutes the debate and obscures the stories that would give meaning, but what we have here is an acute exacerbation of the chronic chronic condition.

    As for public understanding, popular culture – in particular TV and movies – is influential because these dramas “show” us and don’t “tell” us. Exactly what writing teachers have been imploring us to do since grammar school. To often experts write or speak to impress rather than inform. Not you of course!

    I’m off to order your new book..
    Lauren Williams, DM, RN

    • Thanks so much, Lauren! It means a lot that my argument resonates with folks like yourself with years of experience in the industry delivering care to patients!

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